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15 June 2007 @ 12:35 pm
Lightnings and sudden explosions.  
Meep! Scary stuff has been happening. The boyfriend has been in this boot camp thingy since Monday and last night a thunder storm hit the area where they're staying. I was talking with the boyfriend at around 11PM through IRC and suddenly he wrote that the telephone in their tent had just exploded. :O Luckily no one was talking to it while it happened! Apparently a lightning hit the wires and caused all the telephones and other devices to blow up. Another lightning hit a tree, under which some guy was doing his guarding duty. And there was some other stuff happening aswell. Today it's been in the news, this whole incident. I think 11 men were sent to the hospital, but they all should be somewhat okay. I'm extremely glad I was in contact with the boyfriend while all this happened 'cause had I woken up today and seen it all in the news, not hearing from the boyfriend, I would have freaked out. I'm glad no one was seriously injured (at least not that we know of). Everyone who were in that area last night had all kinds of medical tests done during the early morning hours, EKGs were tested and whatnot.

The funny thing is, now there will be some kind of press conference held (which, I'm assuming, will be in the news aswell) and they asked for volunteers to talk in it - the boyfriend and another guy are going. :D So, at least I can maybe watch him in the news today.

I'll be leaving to mum's in few hours, possibly will be staying there for a week or so. Like I mentioned in some of my earlier posts, I'm in the need of a break when it comes to computers and the internet so I'll probably disappear for few days. Or at least I'll try to, we'll see how it goes. :D Take care!