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10 February 2009 @ 11:18 am
WANTED: If you happen to live near Nine West (the store) and wouldn't mind doing me a big favour, could you please reply!! I found the shoes to die for but Nine West doesn't ship to Finland. :(

HOLY. CRAP. We have a 10 weeks old maltese called Bricilla. I kid you not! I mean... WTF just happened in the last 10 hours?! :D

More info (plus puppy pics!) coming later.

25 October 2007 @ 01:42 pm
I deleted some people from my flist today. None of them will most likely even realize 'cause it was mainly accounts last used on 2005, or people who I don't even know (and therefore who shouldn't really know me either). I also deleted couple of those whose accounts are still active but never added me on their flist - or added, then deleted.. not sure which way it is. Nothing personal, I just don't feel comfortable with them reading entries about my life and feelings when I don't have access to theirs.

If I have accidentally deleted someone I shouldn't have had, please do let me know! However, I doubt this because, like I said, it's mainly people with dead accounts.

26 August 2007 @ 11:18 pm
We went to see some homeless kitties at the local animal shelter today. We're not going to get a pet though, but I mainly just wanted to see the place and maybe cuddle some cats while being there. Unfortunately most of the cats were either really shy or quite agressive and scary so I didn't get to pet them much. But they were adorable none the less! I wish I could do more for those poor little abandoned animals. :/ I try to donate some money or buy them food every now and then but I guess I'd like to do something bigger. Well, maybe someday I can give one of those fellows a home or something. Until then I can keep doing smaller stuff 'cause I'm sure every bit helps.

Finally got something done at flutterbies.org, yay! There's not much content there yet but hey, at least I made some progress with the site. I'm hoping to get WP installed smoothly - originally I wanted to use that "do-it-yourself" -blog that I used for my portfolio but it's too much of work and since I'm not sure of how safe it is anyway I think I'll stick with what I know and use WP instead. Anyhoo, I'm so happy to have a personal website again! Tomorrow I could start working on the content more.

Speaking of online stuff, I really need to update my TFL category. Poor thing has been neglected while I've been busy with the moving process and shoulder/back problems. :(

09 August 2007 @ 10:18 pm
Be warned! The text under the cut WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS of the book! Alot of spoilers. Major spoilers. Spoilers of doom. You have been warned.

He can move faster than Severus Snape confronted with shampoo...Collapse )

I miss using Photoshop. I miss applying for fanlistings. I miss eating candies. I miss reading Harry Potter. I miss various trivial things. Very random, I know.

Is it okay to bitch about something that involves someone on your flist? I guess not. Not bitch about a person but... something. I feel like bitching but I don't want to upset the person involved. Even though the person is sort of behind it all. But that's exactly it. I don't mean to bitch about her and I'm afraid it'd come across that way. So no, I will not bitch about it. Never you mind. It's nothing important anyway. (And for those of you who may or may not be concerned that it's something about you - it most likely isn't 'cause I don't think the person involved actually reads my journal.)

Onwards we go. No trip to Sweden/Kolmården for me after all. :( I was so excited about it but it's not happening. The boyfriend can't afford his share after being in the army for six months. Which I completely understand, but I wish he hadn't suggested it in first place and hadn't made it sound like we'll surely do it this summer. Le sigh.

Maybe next summer. Or next lifetime. Maybe someday.

23 June 2007 @ 12:25 am
It's been over four years. Is it wrong that you're still tattooed in my heart? That still in my dreams I sometimes chase your figure. That you still slip through my soul. That you still run in my veins. That every inch of my body remembers how you felt under my fingers.

That after a lifetime since the door closed behing you - who never were mine - you still possess the rainy clouds that kiss my face.

21 June 2007 @ 11:15 pm
So You Think You Can Dance last night was amazing. I simply have to write about it 'cause my little heart is bursting of all the pretty and lovely. And it doesn't help I'm on my period - it makes me all over emotional. But yes, I loved last nights SYTYCD. Whoever did the pairings this season has done great in my opinion, somehow most of the pairs seem so well fitted and great together. Here are some thoughts of my favourite pairs and their performances last night...

Lauren & Neil: Oh man, I have such a silly teengirl crush with Neil. :D I loved him last night, funky little white boy, doing his thing. There was something in the way he attacked that style of dance that reminded me of Justin Timberlake, and I love dancing Justin so it was gooood. And Lauren! I liked Neil better last night, but she's amazing. The pair of them is one of my favourites, they're so cute together too!

Jessi & Pasha: One of my favourite dances of the night! The choreography reminded me a little of Alex Da Silva's cuban rumba for Heidi & Ryan last season (probably due to the earthy african flavour), which I absolutely adored! I love this couple; I was sold last week, and even more so last night. Pasha was so sexy when dancing, and I really didn't think he'd do so great in a piece like that! He looked so comfortable dancing that style. And Jessi! She's fantastic. There's just something unique and special in her, I can hardly take my eyes off her when she's dancing - would it not be Pasha dancing beside her, I probably wouldn't! :D

Lacey & Kameron: Last week their dance made me cry. This week didn't quite do that for me (but then again, they danced broadway style so it would have been worrying if it had made me cry...), but I still adore them. Yet another couple that looks great together! Lacey is so hot and I love her, and while I don't think Kameron has yet individually been as great as she has, he sure has been a great partner for her.

Anya & Danny: Another one of my favourites last night. And I usually get bored while watching at waltz! I think it's great they used Lifehouse's You & Me as the song for this dance 'cause it suited perfectly, plus I love that song. :D Anya & Danny are a great looking couple, very sexy and somehow mature but not one bit boring or lame. I swear there was magic in the air when they danced last night. Danny's smile is wicked, I have a crush on him too. The arms... Wow. Like Mia said, Danny's arms are amazing. The way they move, the grace. He's so graceful, yet manly. Anya & Danny... They're woah. And that move last night where Danny was holding her head and rolling her around - I almost fainted 'cause it was teh sex.

Sara & Hesus: I did not like their routine last night that much, mainly because of the music, but I have to include them here 'cause I adore them. And they did dance well, too bad the music was such a turn off for me. Last week they were so funny and great and definitely are one of my favourite couples this season. (But then again, most of the couples seem to be!)

Random notes: Hok is cool. Dominic did awesome job last night. Shauna is cute.

Last season it was hard for me 'cause I had so many favourites and I hated seeing them leave the show one by one (luckily few of them staying 'till the end) but this time around it's even harder! I have so many favourites it's not even funny. Hopefully none of them have to leave tonight...

15 June 2007 @ 12:35 pm
Meep! Scary stuff has been happening. The boyfriend has been in this boot camp thingy since Monday and last night a thunder storm hit the area where they're staying. I was talking with the boyfriend at around 11PM through IRC and suddenly he wrote that the telephone in their tent had just exploded. :O Luckily no one was talking to it while it happened! Apparently a lightning hit the wires and caused all the telephones and other devices to blow up. Another lightning hit a tree, under which some guy was doing his guarding duty. And there was some other stuff happening aswell. Today it's been in the news, this whole incident. I think 11 men were sent to the hospital, but they all should be somewhat okay. I'm extremely glad I was in contact with the boyfriend while all this happened 'cause had I woken up today and seen it all in the news, not hearing from the boyfriend, I would have freaked out. I'm glad no one was seriously injured (at least not that we know of). Everyone who were in that area last night had all kinds of medical tests done during the early morning hours, EKGs were tested and whatnot.

The funny thing is, now there will be some kind of press conference held (which, I'm assuming, will be in the news aswell) and they asked for volunteers to talk in it - the boyfriend and another guy are going. :D So, at least I can maybe watch him in the news today.

I'll be leaving to mum's in few hours, possibly will be staying there for a week or so. Like I mentioned in some of my earlier posts, I'm in the need of a break when it comes to computers and the internet so I'll probably disappear for few days. Or at least I'll try to, we'll see how it goes. :D Take care!

14 June 2007 @ 02:14 pm
I passed my final examination thingy, which means I'm getting my diploma! Yay! No more (this) school for me. Ever! *boogies* And also that means I can finally start my summer vacation. Hooray!

It feels awesome to know that at the start of the year I had this looong "to-do" list and I've now completed almost everything on it! The rest is not even that bad really. I'm just happy I've managed to finish not one but two studies, and been accepted into a new school already. Nothing that's left on my "to-do" list can even compare to those tasks, so I'll be fine. (:

However, it just so figures that the minute I'm off to vacation the weather turns cold. Sunshine, come back! Kthxbye.